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 Bataatit takaisinveto ilmoitus

Arvokas asiakkaamme,

Olemme huomannut Bataatit (Eränumero DX20031) sisältävät liikaa useiden

kasvinsuojeluaineiden jäämiä, olemme myytäneen sitä 20/6/2020-23/6/2020 ja

27/6/2020—29/0/6/2020 väliaikana, jos olette ostaneet sen erästä tuotteitta, pyytämme

ystävällisesti ottaa kuitin mukaan ja palautta sitä meidän Vantaan marketeihin,

palautamme oston hinta teille. Jos olette jo käyttäneet, voitte ottaa kuitin mukaan,

palauttaa raha teillekin.

Pahoittelemme aiheutuneita haittoja!

Jos sinulla on kysyttävää, ottakaa yhteyttä 050 441 1215

Sweet Potato (Purple) recall notice

Dear customer:

We found the lot No. DX20031’s sweet potato (Purple) contain too much residues of

several plant protection ingredients, so recall all this lot’s sweet potato (purple) which have

been sold.

If you have purchased this lot’s sweet potato(purple) between 20/6/2020-23/6/2020 and

27/6/2020—29/0/6/2020 from our market of Vantaa, please take the receipt with the

production, we will refund purchase price to you. If you have used it, you still can take the

receipt to our market counter to refund the money.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused!

Any questions please contact 050 441 1215



由于查到 2020 年 6 月 18 日批号为 DX20031 的紫薯中植保残留超标,特发出此召回通知。

如果您在 2020/6/20—2020/6/23 及 2020/6/27—2020/6/29 期间从佳禾 Vantaa 超市购买此


用完,也可以携带小票来 Vantaa 超市前台,我们按售价退款给您。


联系电话:050 441 1215

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We Are The Biggest Asian Products Warehouse In Finland

OY GOLDEN CROP AB is a fast-developing company with strong expertise in Asian food import and supply chain. Established in Helsinki, 2012, Golden Crop has become a leading food supplier for Asian restaurants all over Finland.

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Our product ranges cover most of the needs for Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. From raw materials, processing instructions to automatic cooking machines, we prepared everything for the need of our customers.


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To provide the most up-to-date product selections, the best prices and the fastest delivery for our customers.

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Our product range: Seasoning, rice, oil, products for sushi, fresh and frozen meat, frozen seafood, Dim Sum & pastry, fresh vegetables, cooking tools & machines etc.

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Daily delivery range covers all areas within a radius of 250km from the capital Helsinki, and our cooperative logistics covers the whole Finland.

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Quality service is one of our most competitive advantages and our “door to shelf” unloading service would save your time and power significantly.


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Golden Crop has built up a professional team with fully equipped refrigeratory vans and more than 3600 square meters warehouse space. Our incubator-like comprehensive service makes it most convenient ever for our customers to run an Asian restaurant smoothly.